Fast, flexible and high standard PCB assembly

Major Electronics b.v. has many years of experience in PCB assembly in a very wide range of branches and applications. Our PCB's are used Worldwide in often very innovative products.

Major Electronics b.v. has two very modern SMD assembly lines and IPC certified production employees. For fast and/or prototyping production Major Electronics b.v. has also a separate assembly line, which ensures flexible proto production on a very short notice.

We are convinced that Major Electronics can provide a valuable contribution to your production process.

Speed :

Regular production series are approximately possible within 2 until 4 weeks, depending on the series amount.

Prototyping :

When we know in advance we can assemble proto’swithin a few days, if all parts are available on short notice. Also we have our separate SMD line for these proto’s, protoruns and very small production series.


With our direct communication lines and technical knowledge we can quickly anticipate to sudden and unexpected changes.


Major Electronics b.v. guarantees quality. On many levels we ensure that our quality meets the highest standards, such as investments, training, audits etc.


With our two fully operative SMD production lines, which can place up to 50.000 components per hour, and our pool of IPC certified employees, Major Electronics b.v. can easily handle large production series.

Product assembly:

Major Electronics b.v. also provides housing you product, as well as providing cable assembly, testing and sealing.


We can also provide ‘Just in Time’ delivery as well as an agreement to keeping your assembled product in stock.


With our strategic investments in machinery, qualified employees and the right purchase channels we are able to give you competitive prices. 


With customers such as Astron/Astrotec and Industry International it is clear that Major Electronics meets high quality demands for you as a customer.
Major Electronics b.v. is ISO 9001 and IPC certified.

For receiving additional information, about what Major Electronics b.v. is currently capable of in contributing to your production process, please contact us by phone or e-mail.